Hello Cruel World by Kate Bornstein

I once had a man come up to me at the circulation desk and tell me that this book didn’t belong in my library. He said that “good kids” didn’t feel things like depression, or ever want to commit suicide, and that this book was promoting acting out to teens.

It was the first time I’d blatantly and openly argued with a patron.

I will argue fearlessly that this book belongs on the shelves of libraries. The person who wrote this book understands what it’s like to be at the end of your rope. To not know where to turn or what to do other than just keep fighting for that next breath. Among the 101 alternatives (ranked by risk) are trying drugs and worshiping the devil. The author adds these with a bit of much needed humor, but the reality is this.

Do literally ANYTHING but kill yourself.

We can help you past drug addiction. If you want to explore other religions, you are perfectly within your rights to do so. If you get a tattoo that you later regret we can remove that with lasers. We can’t fix dead. So please, read this book. Try out as many ideas as you need to if it keeps you alive.

And yes, even “good kids” can feel like hurting themselves or thinking about dying.