These resources are specifically in Wichita so that homeless LGBTQQIA in this immediate area know where to go locally for help. I know that seeking help can be scary, and unfortunately the system isn’t perfect, but give shelter a chance before you decide the street is better. There are so many people right in this town who want to help you and want you to be safe.

The Wichita Children’s Home

“If you are 21 years or younger and in need of immediate help, call (316) 262-HOME or go to any QuikTrip, fire station or anywhere you see the Safe Place logo and ask an employee to call our Street Outreach staff. The Wichita Children’s Home was founded in 1888 as the city’s first orphanage to “support and care for destitute and homeless children.” Today, the Home offers the only emergency, temporary, residential care for children in our community. The Home is open 24/7 and serves children from birth to 22 years of age in foster homes or in the shelter.”

-Taken from the Wichita Children’s Home About Page

The Center of Wichita

The Center of Wichita is a place to call home for Wichita’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allied (LGBTQA) community and a safe space for youth.

-Taken from the Center of Wichita’s About Page